Full Steam Ahead!

Looking back at 2017, we cannot begin to express our immense gratitude to each of our volunteers, donors and beneficiaries for their support, friendship and love! We wanted to provide you with an overview of some of our highlights from the year.  Though numbers can only communicate so much, we hope this summary provides a great picture of what God is doing here in La Paz and how He continues to grow our efforts to serve those most in need!

one page2017fnl-01

To download a copy, click here

We are also incredibly grateful to all of you for your support and love this Christmas. We hope you enjoy reading below the wonderful ways you impacted our community this holiday season!


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As 2018 begins, we are excited as we look ahead to walking with you: serving within a rural orphanage and clinics, expanding our library, developing our Healthy Families Program, continuing our ESL program and offering ever-increasing opportunities for love and service to our hundreds of volunteers!

We look forward all of the adventure 2018 may hold and we can only imagine what God has in store for the people of Bolivia!

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