Looking for an adventure this summer?!

We are THRILLED to host two incredible opportunities for volunteers in 2018! 

1. HOPEww Volunteer Corps #1 – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 


Child waiting outside of a clinic in Rurrenabaque

“Rurre” is a beloved rural city in Bolivia, close to the tropical Amazon region. It is a 30 minute flight from La Paz over the mountains. This group will be repairing, renovating, and painting classrooms and other buildings within the “Famila Feliz” orphanage. This loving refuge home houses and educates approximately 80 children who have suffered extreme abuse. We will also create a positive “Children’s Corner” within the two local impoverished hospitals, and are planning to support a community health fair. And of course, we will plan to enjoy a tropical riverboat trip!

2. HOPEww Volunteer Corps #2 – La Paz, Bolivia 

La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia. It was voted one of the “Seven Most Marvelous Cities in the World” because of its amazing beauty and high altitude within the Andes Mountains. HVC participants will serve within a variety of HOPEww Bolivia’s programs which support impoverished children and families.


One of HOPE worldwide Bolivia’s most cherished families

We will focus on repairing and renovating family homes and/or community centers while building trusted, cross-cultural, relationships. We will also be sharing and expanding our “B-Olivia Lending Library” outreach through various hands-on reading and educational support/activities, as well as supporting existing programs within a hospital, orphanage, community center, and/or with individual families. Along with these exciting activities, this group will also get to experience the mountains of La Paz firsthand in a guided hike!

For more information regarding dates and expenses, visit https://www.hopeww.org/boliviahvc2018


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