Bolivia: A Glimpse Into 2015

Happy New Year & Good News from HOPE worldwide Bolivia…

We hope that your family and loved ones enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season. 2014 was a busy year for us and we are so excited for what 2015 will bring!

Clinic Scheduled To Open This Summer

We are happy to share that the International Medical Center of HOPE worldwide is now officially recognized and is registered with the Bolivian government. We are working to have our local non-profit HOPE worldwide Bolivia Foundation established by March 2015. We have retained an architect with an outstanding reputation, to design/remodel the home that has been selected for the clinic. Our talented and dedicated team here in La Paz is continuing to search for clinic, laboratory and office equipment and furniture. Our timeline for opening the clinic has continued to shift due to unexpected and unavoidable challenges, but with great faith we are planning to open the medical center this summer.

Educational and Volunteer Program Update


The Patient Care (Nursing Assistant) Program will begin in February. This program will provide education, training, jobs and support for high school graduates who are either orphans or living in extreme poverty, enabling them to pursue a career in health care.


The HOPE worldwide team is teaching English as a Second Language to the Hospital Arco Iris staff and our partner church in La Paz as well as the community. Social programs continue to blossom.


The Sala de Juegos (playroom) within the hospital has served over 6,000 children and has provided Early Childhood Development information to their parents and caregivers.


The HOPE worldwide Lending Library also continues to grow. We have enjoyed hosting almost 200 volunteers and visitors in the past 3 years and we are looking forward to over 90 folks visiting us in 2015.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and prayers this past year, we couldn’t do it without you! We are looking forward to seeing our dreams become reality in 2015, as well as many of you visiting us this year! God is indeed blessing the work of HOPE worldwide Bolivia.

-W. Kevin Broyles, MD, MHS-CL, Country Director, HOPE worldwide Bolivia


Building a Better Future by Learning English

English is often referred to as the global language, the language that links the world together. The majority of medical literature, and over 50% of the content on the Internet is written in English. Having the ability to communicate in English opens up a world of opportunities for economic growth, better job opportunities, increased salaries and advanced education.  However, for the majority of people living within developing countries, the ability to learn English remains an unattainable dream because English classes are expensive and time consuming.

Desiring to provide opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them, HOPE worldwide Bolivia began offering English as a second language (ESL) classes to the staff of Hospital Arco Iris in May 2014. It has been a huge success. Doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and various auxiliary employees are working together to learn English in a positive, supportive environment.  Not only are the students receiving English classes for a very minimal cost, the classes are also being held at the Hospital at ideal times for the staff which alleviates pressure on their schedules.

A great indicator for the success of the ESL program is how the learning environment is creating a sense of family within the hospital through genuine Encouragement, Support and Love. Some of the students with a more stable income are now paying for other students (employees) who can’t afford to take classes but have a deep desire to learn and improve their lives. One of the women receiving assistance is a single mom of two who is supporting a child with a severe disability. Another is a single mom with three small children who currently living in a church shelter while working at the hospital.

HOPE worldwide Bolivia will also begin to offer ESL classes within the community next month and is exploring other opportunities to teach English to the city’s most vulnerable population. Indeed this is one of the ways to help break the chains of poverty by providing Educational opportunities while enhancing Self-esteem and building Life skills.

Thank you for supporting HOPE worldwide Bolivia and our programs in La Paz.  Your generosity is changing lives, one by one, and providing a brighter future for so many.  If you would like more information about HOPE worldwide Bolivia, our programs, or if you are interested in volunteering with us in Bolivia, please click HERE.

If you would like to make a donation to HOPE worldwide Bolivia, please click HERE.

The first group of ESL students completed Level 1 in August.

The first group of ESL students completed their 1st Trimester in August.

One of the ESL classes in session.  The students come from a variety of professions and backgrounds - from doctors and nurses to the cleaning staff - but they become like family.

One of the ESL classes in session. The students come from a variety of professions and backgrounds – from doctors and nurses to the cleaning staff – but they become like family.

ESL students working hard and enjoying class.

ESL students working hard and enjoying class.

ESL students working hard and enjoying class.

ESL students working hard and enjoying class.

Teacher Noelle working with two ESL students.

Teacher, Noelle, working with two ESL students.

Going over homework - practice makes perfect!

Going over homework – practice makes perfect!