Relationships are the Energy of Life


David Spratte is a college student at the University of North Carolina, where he is studying to become a physician. He came to La Paz in order to conduct a study with HOPE worldwide Bolivia for two months at Hospital Arco Iris. Below, he shares about his experience:

“I believe relationships are the energy of life.  For this reason, I developed a research project to explore how the interpersonal relationship between the physician and patient can affect patient satisfaction. I thought that it could be an inexpensive means of acquiring a higher quality of care for all patients within the hospital.


Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) was excited to host an independent study that would reveal the current level of patient satisfaction and indicate any changes that physicians could make that would increase the overall level of patient satisfaction with health care. Although HAI is one of the best hospitals in La Paz, they are constantly striving to provide the best patient care possible.


David talked with hundreds of patients over the course of two months as he conducted his research study.


Not only did I find my research project to be extremely fulfilling, but I also treasured my experience working with the HOPE worldwide Bolivia team.  Wow, where do I begin?

On my last day in the hospital my friends from the States came by to visit and meet the HOPE worldwide Bolivia staff. After meeting Noelle they said, “she is the nicest, most loving person that we have ever met.” But this is true of everyone who works with Hope worldwide Bolivia team. They taught me more than I could have ever asked for. Their unwavering passion and fiery desire to have a positive impact in La Paz is truly inspiring. You can see it in their eyes every single day. They are consistently passionate in their efforts to improve the lives and the health care for the poor in Bolivia.


David with the HOPE worldwide Bolivia Team


David with his friends from the States who came to visit him.

Overall, my time in La Paz was an amazing journey. I came to conduct a research project, but I quickly learned that this was not my only purpose. I believe that I actually came in order to learn from some of the most inspiring and selfless people that I have ever met.

Until next time, Bolivia, I love you and will miss you dearly. See you soon.”

HOPE worldwide Bolivia, along with your support and donations, is bringing hope and changing lives in La Paz through programs in health and social services.  We are working together with Hospital Arco Iris and Foundation Arco Iris to bring food, clothing, education and healthcare to over 30,000 street children and thousands of vulnerable children and families.  We need your help to continue this work.  Please consider making a donation today to help make a difference in the lives of the poor and needy in La Paz.

Thank you, as always, for your partnership in this vital work.


David Spratte, a college student from the University of North Carolina, spent two months volunteering with HOPE worldwide Bolivia. He conducted a two-month research study at Hospital Arco Iris.


David presented his research findings to the medical staff at Hospital Arco Iris.


David presented his research findings to the medical staff at Hospital Arco Iris.


David presented his research findings to the medical staff at Hospital Arco Iris.


David with two of the doctors at Hospital Arco Iris


David with two of the security guards at the hospital. He made friends everywhere he went!


David with some of the hospital cafeteria staff. He made friends everywhere he went!

Breaking New Ground in Bolivia!

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CMIHOPE final logo
On Thursday, April 2nd, 30 of us gathered in the sunny neighborhood of La Florida in Zona Sur, La Paz for a groundbreaking ceremony for the International Medical Center of HOPE (Centro Médico Internacional HOPE). This event represents one of the many things that are happening in our “2015 Year of Dreams Coming True” (our theme for this year).  Construction and remodelling begins this week and we hope to be celebrating our “Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening” within 6 months!
We took some special time during the event to honor and thank our donors from Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as Foundation and Hospital Arco Iris (Father José and Dr. Narvaez), as well as the Health and Social Services Division of HOPE worldwide, the executive leadership and board of HOPE worldwide and our many wonderful family, friends, supporters and advisors.
Thank you so much for your support of and involvement in this incredible project.  This international medical clinic will provide high quality care to members of the community.  In addition, it will generate resources to create a sustainable social enterprise for providing health and services for the vulnerable population of Bolivia, especially children.  Through your donations, support and sacrifices you are helping to change so many lives here in Bolivia!  We continue to search for needed additional funding so if you are interested in donating please click HERE.
Check out the short video below and a few of the pictures!

Left to right: Father José (Fundación Arco Iris), Dr. Kevin Broyles (HOPE worldwide Bolivia), Dr. Ramiro Narvaez (Hospital Arco Iris)

Bolivia: A Glimpse Into 2015

Happy New Year & Good News from HOPE worldwide Bolivia…

We hope that your family and loved ones enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season. 2014 was a busy year for us and we are so excited for what 2015 will bring!

Clinic Scheduled To Open This Summer

We are happy to share that the International Medical Center of HOPE worldwide is now officially recognized and is registered with the Bolivian government. We are working to have our local non-profit HOPE worldwide Bolivia Foundation established by March 2015. We have retained an architect with an outstanding reputation, to design/remodel the home that has been selected for the clinic. Our talented and dedicated team here in La Paz is continuing to search for clinic, laboratory and office equipment and furniture. Our timeline for opening the clinic has continued to shift due to unexpected and unavoidable challenges, but with great faith we are planning to open the medical center this summer.

Educational and Volunteer Program Update


The Patient Care (Nursing Assistant) Program will begin in February. This program will provide education, training, jobs and support for high school graduates who are either orphans or living in extreme poverty, enabling them to pursue a career in health care.


The HOPE worldwide team is teaching English as a Second Language to the Hospital Arco Iris staff and our partner church in La Paz as well as the community. Social programs continue to blossom.


The Sala de Juegos (playroom) within the hospital has served over 6,000 children and has provided Early Childhood Development information to their parents and caregivers.


The HOPE worldwide Lending Library also continues to grow. We have enjoyed hosting almost 200 volunteers and visitors in the past 3 years and we are looking forward to over 90 folks visiting us in 2015.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and prayers this past year, we couldn’t do it without you! We are looking forward to seeing our dreams become reality in 2015, as well as many of you visiting us this year! God is indeed blessing the work of HOPE worldwide Bolivia.

-W. Kevin Broyles, MD, MHS-CL, Country Director, HOPE worldwide Bolivia


Happy Holidays from Bolivia!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the HOPE worldwide Bolivia Team!  Thank you for your faithful and compassionate support of our work here in La Paz, Bolivia, helping vulnerable children and families.  We are so grateful for all the amazing things that happened in 2014 and we are so excited to see what 2015 will bring!

HOPE Christmas

HOPE worldwide Bolivia Celebrates 3 years!

HOPE worldwide was planted in La Paz, Bolivia 3 years ago in September of 2011.  With God, we have accomplished so much and are excited about the plans for the future!  Click HERE to view/download the full 2014 Progress Report.

The purpose of HOPE worldwide Bolivia is to support the excellent and comprehensive charitable work of Foundation and Hospital Arco Iris and to develop additional charitable initiatives.  This support is focused in two different areas: Health and Social Services.

In health, the focus has been around developing the income generating aspect of a sustainable social enterprise (an ambulatory clinic / (Spanish = consultorio), performance improvement within the hospital including initiatives in patient safety, quality improvement, leadership development, cultural change, focus on patient-centered care, consultation and exploration of new initiatives including traditional medicine, integrative medicine, hospice, home health, pain management, leadership development, development of nursing and more.

In social services, the focus has been on the pediatric population of Hospital Arco Iris and vulnerable families. Raising awareness and funding for healthcare expenses of vulnerable children, creating and operating a part-time play and childhood development area within HAI, play therapy on the pediatric floor, creating and operating a children’s and adult library, help for vulnerable families each month and seasonally – clothing, food, holiday gifts, cleaning, organizing and education and development of an English as a Second Language course, and more.


The HOPE worldwide Bolivia team consists of 10 people, including 2 full-time employees, 5 full-time consultants, 2 part-time consultants and 1 full-time volunteer.

Click the link below to view or download the full progress report.

**2014 Annual HOPE worldwide Progress Report**

If you would like to make a donation to support the work of HOPE worldwide Bolivia, please click HERE.

The American Embassy in La Paz – Powerful Partnerships

On Monday, August 18th, the United States Embassy Chargé (Ambassador) Peter Brennan and his wife, Lizanne, were welcomed by a delegation of Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) staff, Foundation Arco Iris (FAI) representatives, FAI youth, and the HOPE worldwide Bolivia team at Hospital Arco Iris in La Paz.  HOPE worldwide Bolivia is a program of HOPE worldwide, a non-profit, international relief and development organization founded in 1991. HOPE worldwide Bolivia and the Arco Iris Foundation have joined together to provide healthcare to the neediest people  in El Alto and La Paz. Chargé Brennan announced the donation of two large 30 KW generators, over 350 Lego sets and games, a collection of over 200 brand new children’s books, and a large laboratory freezer to the hospital. This event was the culmination of significant donations from the Embassy during the past two years from the Health Unit and General Services Office.


Chargé Peter Brennen speaks to the crowd.

Chargé Brennan stated that he “would like to praise the incredible accomplishments of Foundation Arco Iris, Hospital Arco Iris, and HOPE worldwide Bolivia for helping the under-resourced communities of El Alto and La Paz.” He recognized that these organizations provide housing, food, clothing, scholastic support and other health and social services for over 4000 orphans and serve the communities of the metropolitan area of La Paz with over 75,000 free medical consultations each year.

Several departments within the U.S. Embassy united together to support this initiative. The Community Liaison Office organized this event and donated the hundreds of Lego sets and games that will go to at-risk youth in La Paz. The Health Unit donated the large laboratory freezer that will be used to preserve medical specimens. The Public Affairs Section donated the collection of over 200 books. These books will become part of the HOPE worldwide Bolivia library within HAI, which will lend books to pediatric and adult patients as well as to the hospital staff.  Excitingly, this library will be the first public children’s library in La Paz.   The children’s books will be lent to trusted youth centers throughout the city. The Office of Security Cooperation provided the two large generators, valued at $14,000 dollars each. These generators will increase energy stability for the emergency equipment and keep the lights functioning in the hospital when the power goes out.


Over 350 Lego sets and games were donated to at-risk youth in La Paz.



Over 200 brand new books were donated to the HOPE worldwide Children’s library.

The United States Embassy is proud to support organizations that are making a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and adults.   Chargé Brennan expressed that the efforts of Foundation Arco Iris, Hospital Arco Iris, and HOPE worldwide Bolivia “reflect and represent the very best in the volunteer community spirit … a spirit that solidifies and reinforces the bonds between our two countries.”


Connecting needs with resources (from left to right) Dr. Kevin Broyles (Country Director for HOPE worldwide Bolivia), Lizanne Brennen, Chargé Peter Brennen (U.S. Ambassador), Dr. Romiro Narvaez (General Director of Hospital Arco Iris)


Dr. Kevin Broyles addresses the crowd and thanks the U.S. Embassy for their generous donations.


Chargé Peter Brennen and his wife, Lizanne, enjoying a fun moment with the kids from Casa Esperanza.

Story written by Phil Chamberlain, Community Liaison Office Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia


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