We are all concerned about the intense challenges that face our friends and family members in Puerto Rico.
If you’d like to send your donations through HOPE…please read the announcement below and click on the links.

Greetings from HOPEww,

As many of you know Puerto Rico is reeling from Hurricane Maria. The storm knocked out the island’s entire aging power grid, blocked roads and left entire communities isolated. As of today (9/29), 80% of the cell phone towers are still down and it could take months for full electrical power to be restored. Water systems are not operational and emergency systems are scarce. Please be praying for these issues to be resolved quickly.

Thankfully, we have been able to communicate with our members in Puerto Rico, and despite extremely difficult living conditions, our partners are safe. The citizens of Puerto Rico are facing a long period of recovery from Hurricane Maria, and your help is needed now more than ever.

HOPE worldwide has been able to supply immediate cash relief of $5000 and now we would like to send shipments of much-needed supplies and resources to San Juan. We have set up a special service through the Gooddler organization by which you can purchase goods and have them shipped directly to our supply center in Florida.  These items will then to be delivered to San Juan.

The Gooddler organization has been an excellent partner in the past and has developed a special page that has the requested items from HOPEww San Juan. Follow the link below to see the items most needed in Puerto Rico at this time.


Thank you for all your love and support for those in Puerto Rico and beyond!
With gratitude

The HOPEww Team

If you would like to donate directly to disaster relief through HOPEww, please contribute at https://hopeww.kindful.com/?campaign=272543

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