An Example of Service…and Hope.

Sometimes, even as adults, we are still asking ourselves who we want to be when we “grow up”.

2017-05-19 15.31.22-1

Eugenia teaching a captive audience.

For many of us in HOPEww – Bolivia, we can think of no better role model than Eugenia Durán Chuquimia Bolivar.

Eugenia is a member of the local church, Iglesia Discípulos De Cristo La Paz.  For years before HOPE began its work in LaPaz, Eugenia and a group of other older women, (they call themselves “La Señoras”), have been seeking help the impoverished.  The group would gather clothes to distribute and sell chocolates to raise money for those in need.


“I admire Eugenia a lot because she is an example for all of us. I love her so much because she encourages me to continue helping,” said Susana Siles, a member of the La Señoras group.

When HOPEww – Bolivia began 6 years ago, Eugenia immediately began to offer her time and energy to the efforts of serving the poor.  Since that time, she has helped families clean their homes, connected them with clothing, furniture, local resources, given wise counsel, began a donation center within her home and provided hours of support and friendship to adults and children within HOPE’s programs.

2017-04-20 15.46.14

Helping Julia write her business plan.

There are many obstacles in Eugenia’s own life.  In some ways, her life reflects those she serves. However, if you ever have the precious opportunity to spend time with this woman, it’s likely you won’t hear about her challenges.  Rather, you will hear her of her constant desire to discover ways she can relieve the suffering of others.

“My heart is big for service. I know that I want to give thanks to God, that is why I want to take care of those who need it the most. My heart is prepared to help everyone. I see things and I want to help. Wherever it takes me… I always go. I am called and I go. I do not say ‘no’. It encourages me…I want to work.”

If you would like to support our programs, or learn more about the work being done here in LaPaz, Bolivia, please contact us!


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