Driven to Compassion… and HOPE

IMG_3946When compassion and intelligence combine, we think you will meet someone very much like Dr. Fabian Wayar.

Dr. Wayar was a medical intern in 2011 at Hospital Arco Iris when he befriended Dr. Kevin Broyles, the country director for Foundation HOPEww Bolivia. While serving at the hospital, Fabian was impressed by the HOPE  team’s compassion and dedication to serve the people of La Paz. He states,

“I’ve known many foundations that came here with the intentions of helping people, but actually that was not what occurred. As I was observing HOPE, how they were doing things, and what things they were doing, I saw that HOPE was helping for real.”

Through an on-going mentoring relationship, Dr. Broyles was able to facilitate valuable continuing educational opportunities for Fabian both in Bolivia and in the United States.  In November 2016, Dr. Wayar became the Director of Medical Education and Quality Assurance at Centro Médico Internacional HOPE clinic (CMI). His role is dedicated to providing ongoing educational opportunities for personnel, and ensuring excellent patient care. Fabian has also expressed that working with HOPE has given him the opportunity to further dsplinting-workshop-2016evelop his compassion. In a recent conversation, he recalled a distinct experience with a terminally ill cancer patient.

“This person was my age… It was very challenging for me to tell him that there was no cure for his disease. But I had to give him hope to live in the present. Knowing that a person will not live long doesn’t mean that person has to stop living today.” 

Dr. Wayar further shared that this experience has had a profound impact on his future goals,

“I have reconfigured my desires to come back here when I finish my specialty; wherever it takes placeI don’t want to live outside of this country because a lot of people here need help and I can continue the foundation’s work…helping the people that need it the most.  HOPE here works as a team that really helps. They are compassionate and care about the well-being of human beings…that is what I like most about the Foundation.”

We are immensely grateful for Dr. Wayar’s service to HOPEww – Bolivia. This is who HOPE is.

If you are interested in providing financial support, volunteering or learning more about our programs, please contact us here! 


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