Who is…Fundación HOPE worldwide Bolivia?

Fundación HOPE worldwide Bolivia (FHwwB) is beginning it’s 6th year serving the people of La Paz. These past years have been amazingly full with building trusted relationships throughout the city and country, as well as developing a variety of programs and initiatives.  We are excited to share with you about some of our progress within 2016 and introduce you to a few of the individuals who make us who we are!

HOPE in Bolivia focuses all of our efforts in the areas of Health and Social Programs in order to improve the health, safety and education within the community.  The Centro Médico Internacional HOPE clinic (CMI), opened its doors in 2015 to provide excellent healthcare to the community, as well as ongoing education and training of healthcare professionals.  The clinic serves as a sustainable social enterprise to help support our social programs as well as the ongoing growth and development of the HOPE work in Bolivia.



Take a quick look at how HOPE is impacting the community of La Paz…and beyond!


…And its all because of YOU!

Please follow our blog as we introduce people in Bolivia who are just like you:  Fabian, Julia, Eugenia, Eduardo, Everlyn, Emma and Rodri.  We hope you will enjoy reading about these individuals and how they reflect the heart of Fundación HOPE worldwide Bolivia.


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