Educating the Next Generation of Healthcare Providers in Bolivia

Here in Bolivia, we’re very grateful for what we learn and what we can teach to others. One of the most effective ways to elevate this Bolivia’s quality of life is to equip the next generation of healthcare providers with knowledge and best practices.

Today we enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Don Ellis: Duke Pediatric Emergency Medicine. This is Dr. Ellis’ second teaching visit to Bolivia. (He’s the gentleman on the back left with the great beard.) 

Don and I are working to develop a permanent rotation of interested faculty, residents and students from Duke Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine who want to join us in Bolivia to educate and train.


Today’s teaching topic was splinting: 

The “unfortunate” victim with both of his arms splinted is Don Esry, who came to volunteer and serve. Don is from Jacksonville, Florida.  I have known Don for 34 years (just a few short years ago), we were both a part of the campus ministry at Florida State University. 

Don, who has never traveled overseas, took a leap of faith and got a passport, visa, and immunizations so that he could see what God is doing in Bolivia. He chose to volunteer to serve the poor – at 57 years old. We are so proud of his willingness to “get out of the boat” and to help, heal, teach, and preach (a vision we have for many empty nesters in the USA)!!

The attached photos are a great representation of what God is doing in Bolivia – in health and in social programs. 

Love from Bolivia,

Kevin Broyles


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