“Use Whatever Gift You Have To Serve Others…” (The Bible)

Simona Neogoe lives this verse out in her everyday life.

Simona was born and raised in Romania. She grew up understanding firsthand the many challenges and hardships that poverty can bring upon families. And she has a heart to give back to others.

She moved to La Paz a year ago with her husband, who works within the Brazilian Embassy. Soon after she arrived, she saw the various needs within the poor population of the city and wanted to use her talents, skills, and experiences to serve in any way. She quickly contacted HOPE worldwide Bolivia to offer her time and talents.

Over the past few months, she has devoted well over 120 hours of her time in order to help within a variety of initiatives that support poor and vulnerable children and families.  She has created and organized a numerical system and database for the HOPE Library, which lends books to children within community centers and Hospital Arco Iris. She regularly reads and offers play support to children within the hospital. She has tirelessly organized food, clothing, and gifts for families during the holiday months. She visits families, daycares, and orphanages to encourage and inspire children of all ages. She is always thinking and planning about how to enlist the support of other women within La Paz to help the poor.

Simona never looks for praise from others. She simply wants to use whatever skills and experiences she possesses to make a difference wherever she is living.

Because of volunteers like Simona, there are many more children and families within La Paz who are wearing bigger smiles that come from encouraged hearts. Perhaps they can now face their challenges with a bit more self-esteem and confidence…knowing that someone believes they are valuable.

Thank you, Simona 🙂


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