A Faith That Inspires Me to Keep Growing

Written by Tom Gurrentz

This was our third visit to La Paz to spend time with the HOPE worldwide Bolivia team and see the work they are doing with the poor and needy. The main reason we are such strong supporters of HOPE worldwide Bolivia is that the true faith of disciples is on display in this impoverished part of the world.  That faith inspires me to never give up on growing.

Kevin and Noelle Broyles are very close friends of ours.  Through their lives Pam and I have been called higher to serve God. I will never forget a conversation I had with Kevin on our first visit to La Paz. I was curious why Kevin, a successful doctor from Duke University, decided to give it all up and move to Bolivia.  His answer stunned me: “I didn’t want to settle”.   As a fellow middle aged disciple, I was beginning to sense my life for God was getting stale and I was getting too comfortable as an empty nester.

I need HOPE worldwide Bolivia more than they need me. My soul is always challenged and encouraged by the way the Broyles, the staff and the volunteers go the extra mile. If you are like me, you probably see how the American way of life can affect our hearts and lure us into greed and materialism.  Do you want to be woken up? Do you want to see how God can work miracles? Visit Bolivia and you too will come back to the States humbled and ready to reengage in your ministry.


Tom and Pam Gurrentz in La Paz, Bolivia


Daviana & Jesus Colon with Tom & Pam Gurrentz


We got the opportunity to visit a family near El Alto.


The house and the beautiful view of the rest of the city.


The family was encouraged by our visit.





Smiles all around!

*Photography by Vanessa Embling

If you would like to make a donation to support HOPE worldwide Bolivia please click HERE.

 If you are interested in fundraising in your area to support our programs or are interested in volunteering in Bolivia, please send Jackie Siles an email at: jacsiles@hotmail.com   


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