Volunteer Spotlight: Cristy Carmo uses her gifts and talents to bless others

Cristy is an occupational therapist from in Valrico, Florida. Her two sons are both in college and she enjoys occasionally taking short trips to see the world and to use her time, talents and experience to help others in need. She had recently returned from a ‘voluntourism’ trip to Cuba before becoming aware of opportunities to volunteer with HOPE worldwide in Boliva. A few months and a few fundraisers later, Cristy arrived to La Paz, Bolivia to volunteer for one week with HOPE worldwide Bolivia and Hospital Arco Iris. She also brought along with her two large suitcases filled with donations and orthopedic supplies – most of which, the therapists here in Bolivia had never had available.

Cristy is fluent in Spanish and was able to spend several days teaching and training the team of physical therapists here on how to better serve their patients.  In addition, Cristy was also able to volunteer at Hipoterapia Fundacion Porvenir (a horse-therapy program for children with physical and mental challenges) in La Paz over the weekend. There, she was also able to work with the physical therapist, the children and their families. Even though Cristy was only here in La Paz for one week, during that time she impacted so many lives now and in the future.

We are incredibly grateful for people like Cristy who take the challenge to go and use their time, talents and resources to serve.

Thank you Cristy!

If you are in the healthcare field, are fluent in Spanish, and are interested in volunteering with us here in La Paz, Bolivia please email our volunteer coordinator, Jackie Siles, at: jacsiles@hotmail.com











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