New Inspiring Video!

By Phil Chamberlain

Check out our new inspiring video about the great work HOPE is doing in Bolivia! It is on our new crowd-funding site, below is the link!

Mobile Unit

Hospital Arco Iris’s Mobile Units work

What is crowd funding?

Crowd-funding is fundraising by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.  Today, HOPE worldwide Bolivia launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise at least $10,000 dollars in the next two months.  It is super easy to donate on our crowd-funding site and all donations will be matched by a generous donor, so a $25 dollar donation is actually a $50 dollar donation.  We hope to complete our goal by Bolivian mothers day, May 27 because it is poor mothers that are often most affected by the lack of healthcare in Bolivia.

Why a Crowd funding Campaign?

HOPE Bolivia needs a multifaceted fundraising strategy to make the social enterprise clinic a reality. Already, we have received over 84 percent of the funds required for the health clinic, but we need your help to provide healthcare for impoverished people in Bolivia. Please share the link to our crowd-funding site on Facebook, Twitter, and email your friends to create a sustainable healthcare system that will save lives!

Our Goal

HOPE Bolivia is helping children in need by creating a sustainable healthcare system that sends doctors directly to impoverished areas. We are doing this by building a social enterprise health clinic that will serve the people of La Paz, but also generate revenue to send medical care to children in need. The doctors will attend children in poor schools, children who live with their parents in prison, and children who live and work on the streets. We work with the Bolivian Hospital Arco Iris in La Paz and we have already raised over 84 percent of the funds needed for the health clinic.  Our partnership with Hospital Arco Iris provides over 75,000 free health consultations a year, but we don’t have the resources to help several schools with children who need healthcare. Help us expand and sustain healthcare for impoverished Bolivians!

The HOPE Bolivia Team in action

The HOPE Bolivia Team in action


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