Double Your Impact and Save a Life!

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Imagine you are one of the extremely poor, school-aged children living in La Paz, Bolivia.  Your health is at constant risk and you are vulnerable to injury, disease and malnutrition.

hai-logoKevin is a 14 year-old boy who at the age of 11 was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and couldn’t walk or play with friends.  Kevin is one of the lucky ones because he received medical help from HOPE worldwide Bolivia and Hospital Arco Iris, receiving multiple surgeries at no cost.  In the near future, he hopes to have a normal life and play with friends.


HOPE-logoOur partner, Hospital Arco Iris, currently provides over 75,000 free healthcare visits to vulnerable children and families each year.  Funding is needed to continue this charitable mission. HOPE worldwide Bolivia intends to help sustain and expand these medical services using its successful Cambodian social enterprise model.


In Cambodia, HOPE initiated its first charitable medical clinic in 2007. This clinic started generating a small profit almost immediately and now HOPE has several facilities that contribute thousands of dollars a year to sustain its charitable work in Cambodia.  HOPE worldwide Bolivia is using this model to open a clinic in Bolivia, generating financial support that will help kids like Kevin.


Already, 75% of the funding for the clinic has been raised. Help us reach our funding goal so that HOPE and Hospital Arco Iris can continue to provide sustainable healthcare to thousands of desperate children!


Please write HOPE clinic in the comments section.

Spread the word about HOPE worldwide Bolivia’s mission of serving the poor.  Send this blog to three friends or family members.


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