… “God will never forget the needy..”

Psalm 9:18 (NIV)

By Phyllis Carpenter

6In Bolivia, there are families who live without adequate housing, running water, or electricity. In addition, through physical hardships some families are unable to meet their own basic needs.

Every year during the Christmas season, the staff of Foundation Arco Iris reviews the needs of the 120 families it serves to identify twenty families which are in the greatest immediate need for help. Once identified, HOPE Worldwide secures donations to provide the families with food and clothing and the children with age appropriate gifts.

5This year, the Broyles home was bristling with the sounds of busy hands and feet and excited voices organizing truckloads of dry food items and clothing provided from a host of donors including the American Embassy, the Calvert School and a community of friends. The most striking thing about the volunteers was their hearts——positive, focused, excited and giving.

A few days before Christmas, because of God’s love and the hearts of those who care for the needs of the poor, twenty families received food and gifts and realized that someone cares for them!

8In addition to the twenty families, the Cori family, living high in the hills of La Paz, received food and gifts. This family has endured severe hardships due to injuries, illnesses, hospitalizations and poverty; however, through generous donors they received food, clothing, and gifts for their children.

Thanks to all who participated this season through prayer, gifts and serving the needs of these families.

…”whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

                   Proverbs 14:31 (NIV)


One thought on “… “God will never forget the needy..”

  1. Happy holidays. God bless you all!

    Thank you, David

    David Blenko Chief Governance Officer HOPE worldwide Los Angeles, CA USA

    310.750.6254 o 610.291.1431 m dblenko Skype


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