Hospital Arco Iris’s “Open Hospital”

HOPE worldwide Bolivia participates in a special gift to the community – a day of service.


Over two thousand people visited the HAI on Saturday September 28th

Saturday September 28th was a very special day for the neighborhoods of Miraflores, Villa Fátima, Barrio Gráfico and many other communities of the city of La Paz, as well as, the subtropical provinces of the Yungas Region.  Hospital Arco Iris commemorated its 12th anniversary and organized a special event “The Open Hospital Celebration (Hospital Abierto in Spanish)”. This year the HOPEww Bolivia team and volunteers were able to support this gift to the community and celebration.


Medical staff providing free care inside a mobile unit

The goal of this event was to provide free healthcare to the largest possible number of individuals and especially those impoverished.   Many took advantage of this once-in-a-year opportunity to be seen by medical staff, obtain free consultations, free medications, and patient education information and orientation on how to take care of their infants and small children.

The local media was enthusiastic, eight TV stations and two newspapers were on site. Over 1000 people were given assistance with their healthcare needs. Seventeen different specialties such as cardiology, and dermatology donated their time and expertise; some of the specialists took care of more than 100 patients.


Volunteers getting ready to serve during the celebration

HOPEww Bolivia Volunteers and Team served by providing information and important teaching to parents and caregivers on how to improve parenting care for small children. HOPE volunteers had discussions and passed out educational materials to every adult family member standing in line to be seen by medical staff that day. Our volunteers also served at the Sala de Juegos Playroom providing play time to children, while they were waiting for their appointments at the pediatric external consultative services, and on the pediatric floor with the Lending Library for inpatients.

ECD Banner

The Early Childhood Development Banner with parenting educational instructions

The HOPE team gave away over 2000 color pencils and crayons, and delivered the Early Childhood Development Flyer to over 500 parents and responsible family members.

It was a complete celebration, there were local folk bands playing native musical instruments on the stage, where later Hospital Arco Iris was acknowledged through its Founder Father Jose Neuenhofer and HAI’s General Director, Dr. Ramiro Narvaez by local government authorities and shoe shiners. Finally there were new signed agreements with unions of street workers (candy and newspaper street vendors). Donations from Medshare and Kimberly Clark were distributed to the Hospitals from Coroico and Copacabana. Finally, a commemorative Arco Iris postage stamp was revealed for this great occasion.


HOPE Bolivia Volunteers providing information and directions

The HOPE team and volunteers were able to fully engage in this wonderful event because of generous donors like you, who have brought to Bolivia suitcases of coloring books, crayons, markers and colored pencils throughout the year.



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