Changing the Culture One Leader at a Time

by Dr. Kevin Broyles

DSC01956The HOPE Bolivia team is grateful and pleased to continue to be utilized to help change not only the culture of Hospital Arco Iris but also healthcare in Bolivia. This year HOPE Bolivia instituted an ongoing leadership training and development seminar series.  The clinical and administrative leaders of HAI have met each month to participate in a leadership seminar and workshop.  Each month topics such as conflict resolution, negotiation, managing change, performance improvement, effective communication, strategic planning and time management have been taught. This month the HOPE team is taking this leadership development series “on the road” to UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andres). UMSA is one of the largest academic healthcare training institutions in Bolivia with over 6,000 medical, nursing and healthcare professional students.

DSC00217In addition to monthly leadership seminars, HOPE continues to provide group and individual mentoring throughout the year. By providing departmental assistance, challenges such as performance improvement, patient safety and quality assurance are conquered.

IMG_2820The HOPE team has been given the skills to mentor and train from their education and experience. Gwen Ellis, RN has held clinical leadership positions in nursing in the United States and overseas. She has lead at the hospitals of the University of North Carolina Hospital, Duke and Massachusetts General, as well as, the Sihanouk Hospital in Cambodia.   Dr. Kevin Broyles held senior leadership positions not only in private practice but also at Duke for over 25 years. Kevin also obtained a Masters degree in Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership from Duke in 2003.  Both Kevin and Gwen are enjoying giving to others from what they have been given.

HOPE is so very grateful to our donors who continue to support our team and enable each of us to influence, teach, mentor and serve. Once again HOPE is truly being used to help change the culture and healthcare of Bolivia one leader at a time.



2 thoughts on “Changing the Culture One Leader at a Time

  1. Hola estimado Kewin: Te envio los requerimientos para la evaluación de PLAN DE SIMULACION para un sismo. ( fecha 20 de septiembre de hrs. 11 a 14.00, con el Dr Teran.

    1.- Plan de respuesta a desastres

    2.- Tarjetas de Accion de cada uno 3.- Planes de bio seguridad de residuos solidos, evacuacion,

         Laboratorio, incendios, primeros auxilios evacuacion y rescate, etc. Esos son los requerimientos que me solicitaron. Gracias Fernando

    Gracias por la informacion enviada.


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