With love from Dallas, Texas – “Healing Tree Healthcare Ministries” – meeting needs locally and globally

Article by Dr. Gary Jacques

Mike at Dallas workshop

Mike Isenberg sharing at In HIS STEPS DFW Healthcare Summit.

“Having an entire weekend centered on the work in La Paz, HOPE worldwide and the beginning of a medical society in the Dallas church, helped soften everyone’s heart towards those in need. We’re grateful for the disciples who see how they can be a part of serving and their willingness to sacrifice financially.

These were the words of Todd Asaad, the congregational evangelist of the Dallas Fort Worth Church of Christ after a two day event entitled “Steps of Compassion” that featured the work of HOPE worldwide in Bolivia and the Healing Tree Ministry in the local Dallas area. Randy Jordan, CEO; Dr. Gary Jacques, VP of Health and Social Services; and Dr. Kevin Broyles, Country Director of Bolivia all participated on behalf of HOPE worldwide to the great encouragement of nearly 1000 attendees on Sunday.

The event was the brainchild of Mike Isenberg, a physician assistant who has long held a dream of uniting medical professionals in the Dallas region in support of both local and foreign work for the poor. Mike’s dreams and vision found resonance with the work of HOPE worldwide’s Health and Social Services (HSS) division. HSS is seeking to engage health professionals in the US and other developed countries in support of its work delivering compassionate health and social services to the world’s neediest citizens.

The inspirational effect of this effort was expressed by Kenny Schuster, CEO of a large medical rehabilitation hospital in the area:

“It was exciting to see those who work in healthcare to come together, dream and plan to meet the needs of the poor both overseas and here in Dallas. Personally, our time together rekindled a passion in me to use my role, talents and contacts for a cause that matters.  Some may be able to go and serve; others may not be able to go, but they know someone who can. For some, medically serving the poor may mean giving or helping raise the funds to support HOPE worldwide’s medical programs.  The bottom line, there is some way for everyone to help the poor.”

Dr. Gary Jacques is the Vice President of the Health and Social Services division of HOPE worldwide whose headquarters is in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The Health and Social Services (HSS) Division of HOPE worldwide seeks to bring hope and change lives by providing quality, compassionate health and social services to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

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