Voluntourism – The Armstrong Family Sightsee and Serve !

By Carla Armstrong

The Armstrongs

The Armstrongs

Greetings from the Armstrongs (Chris, Carla, Carl and Jon) in La Paz, Bolivia. We have been so blessed during our time here. The words of Jesus are so true, “It is more blessed to give than receive”. We have been so deeply touched by the standard of excellence in the programs of Arco Iris and HOPE worldwide Bolivia.

Carla with the help of fellow teachers and students from Duffy Elementary School in Wharton, New Jersey, were able to raise money and brought 250 Spanish children’s books to be used as a lending library to promote literacy. She thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the playroom at the Hospital Arco Iris and visiting the impressive Casa de Paso preschool.

The Rolling “Pre-school Style” Bookcase

The Rolling “Pre-school Style” Bookcase

With the help of Alberto at the Arco Iris Woodshop Chris and Carl were able to use tools and space to build a rolling “pre-school style” bookcase that fits perfectly in the playroom [Sala de Juegos] and can easily be pulled around the hospital. Carl was also able to take clothes and a dresser to a family with nine children who has come upon hard times.

Jon has been able to see first-hand a third world hospital at work. He has always had a heart to use his talents for others.

It has been the trip of a life-time. We are very grateful to the Broyles for their hospitality, the help of Jackie, Gwen and Gabby and the dedicated staff that we were able to meet.

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