Bringing Pediatric Orthopaedic Spinal Surgery Expertise to Bolivia

 By Gwen Ellis, RN

Vision is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be.
Gil T. Figaro

100_1588 redLife is about relationships.  Forging new partnerships is helping to achieve the goal of providing compassionate and expert healthcare to the impoverished children and poor in Bolivia.  This describes HOPE worldwide Bolivia’s collaboration with HVO (Health Volunteers overseas) in La Paz. Our first HVO volunteer, Dr. Mark Barry, is a world-renown Pediatric Spine surgeon who developed the surgical technique and method of correcting scoliosis in pediatric patients. He is visiting Hospital Arco Iris from Maui, Hawaii.  100_1596Dr. Barry has chosen to focuses the majority of his efforts, time and talents in teaching and strengthening training programs in pediatric spinal surgery globally.

Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) welcomes his expertise as he volunteers for two weeks. He will be teaching (hand’s on and lectures) current pediatric orthopaedic surgical techniques and directly working with orthopaedic surgery department.

100_1653 redDr. Barry and Dr.Fuentes (Chief of Surgery at HAI) have a shared dream to create a Center of Excellence in Pediatric Spine Surgery (the very first in Bolivia) to help children with scoliosis deformities and other debilitating spinal diseases.

This is an opportunity to bring hope and change lives of these young people who otherwise would have no opportunity for a better life physically.

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