Meet José Alvaro and his family. 

José is a 15-year-old boy who lives in a poor, rural community near the cImageity of Oruro, Bolivia. José lives with his parents and five sisters. His  parents are farmers. Year after year, they are barely able to survive from the earnings (about $1,500 a year) they receive from their labor. 

Two months ago, Jose’s life was drastically changed by a rapidly growing tumor in his neck. José and his family ignored this growth, hoping it would get better. But the tumor began to close his airway making it difficult for him to breathe, and virtually impossible for him to work or play. José and his parents traveled for many hours by bus to La Paz to seek urgent medical care. When he arrived at Hospital Arco Iris, he was in critical condition. He underwent an emergency tracheostomy surgerey (breathing tube in the neck) to provide an airway. Presently, it has also taken away his voice. He also underwent another emergency surgery to remove the bulk of the tumor.  While, Jose’s life was saved at that moment, the real battle has only begun for him and his family.

José currently remains in intensive therapy for breathing support and has been evaluated by several specialists.  The tumor was diagnosed to be papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland (rare in children, but treatable).  Jose’s life can be spared with additional surgery and cancer treatment. But the dilemna is that Jose’s family has no money to pay for this medical care.  Without these treatments, José will die. With these treatments, José has the opportunity to return to a good quality of life and to pursue his dreams of becoming an agronomist (specialist in farming).

Like any child, José dreams of being healed and returning to live with his family. José is an extreImagemely intelligent boy who can read very well. He loves to learn and he has a big heart to help and encourage others. He loves animals and dreams of becoming a successful farmer- not only to help his own family, but also to help his small rural community.

Your financial support can truly help save the lives of children like José and make their dreams become a reality!  Contributions can be made on-line at HOPE worldwide Bolivia – Donation.

Thank you in advance for your hearts to help the poor and your partnership of compassion.


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