A New Year!

By: Dr. Kevin Broyles

A time for reflecting on the successes and those things not yet realized from 2012 and a time to plan for our future in 2013.

hospital arco iris small

Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) and HOPE worldwide Bolivia (HWWB) have been working on “POA”s and “Matrizes” to guide us this next year.  What’s a POA, what’s a Matriz? Not word salads but rather methods to analyze our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and to strategically plan for success.  These will guide HAI to accomplishing our values and making improvements necessary to accomplish our mission and vision of providing high quality and compassionate health care to those we serve – the poor, the widows, the orphans and children who live on the streets of La Paz.

incubadora small

In 2012 Hospital Arco Iris provided over 168,000 outpatient medical visits. These included over 76,000 visits provided by the three mobile medical units that go out into the community to give medical care for those who would be unwilling to go to a hospital or clinic. HAI provided over 7,000 hospitalizations, 3,500 surgeries and 18,000 emergency room visits. Sixty percent (60%) of the care was to children 18 years of age or less. In 2012 HAI provided almost 10,000,000 Bs ($1.4 million) in free health care (that is quite an accomplishment for a hospital that has very little support from the outside).

gwen y kevin

Our goals at HOPE worldwide remain focused in five areas. Improving financial sustainability of the hospital by improvements in safety, quality and efficiency of the great care already provided and by creating new initiatives to help fund the charitable mission of the hospital. Education of our nursing, medical staff and interns as well as educating the next generation of health care providers. With leadership development we will work to change the culture of our hospital to better achieve our values. We will continue to enjoy the incredible collaborations that have been forged with academic medical institutions overseas. Finally we will continue to facilitate donations of intellectual capital, funding, supplies and equipment so desperately needed to provide safe and quality care to our beneficiaries.

baby small

Again a special thank you to all of our donors, colleagues, readers and followers for your continual support, prayers and encouragement throughout the year – we couldn’t do it without you!  With your partnership we are indeed looking forward to a prosperous 2013!


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