Blankets of Warmth and Love

by: John Basilio

As human beings we all long for hugs, a warm embrace, care and ultimately love. We also show affection in many ways to our fellow man. We at HOPE worldwide Bolivia, are truly inspired with the evident love and sacrifice of Dr. Karen Frush, Noelle Broyles, Migdalia Basilio, Gwen Ellis, Shannon (a volunteer from USAID) and Jason and Gaby Rutkowski.

Financial donations made by Dr. Frush and the Rutkowski’s enabled us to buy material to make blankets for the girls in Niñas de Obrajes orphanage.  HOPE worldwide Bolivia was able to hand make and tie blankets for the orphans. Noelle, Migdalia, Gwen, Shannon and Gaby made warm and colorful blankets that would be used during the Fundación Arco Iris’ once a year event trip to Copacabana, a 3-day event hosted and funded by Father José.

The orphans were especially excited to participate in the finishing touches needed to complete the blankets, as it became more than a gift – it was their own personal work of art.

As often said “a little bit can always go a long way.”  These blankets of “warmth and love” will always be a reminder to these orphans that people care enough about them to take the time to invest in them “warmth and love.”


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