HOPE worldwide Bolivia – One Year Later

Dear Colleagues, Family and Friends:

Please find attached HOPE worldwide Bolivia’s first Annual Report which captures the extent of the work here in Bolivia this past year.

Highlights of the year include:

  • Provided an estimated $500,000 of services to Hospital and Foundation Arco Iris which included on-site consultative services, overseas donations of supplies, equipment, educational materials and donations of in-kind intellectual capital by volunteers
  • Completion of comprehensive concept documents for both a consultorio and hospital to facilitate the mission of creating a social enterprise to financially sustain the charitable mission of Foundation and Hospital Arco Iris
  • Intensive professional development through leadership initiatives and continuing education events
  • Creation of first nursing assistant program in Bolivia
  • Facilitation of multiple healthcare initiatives including: patient safety rounds, quality improvement initiatives, wound care team, created a home health program, expanding of diagnostic imaging and telemedicine
  • Collaborations established with multiple overseas academic healthcare institutions, businesses and numerous professional healthcare consultants
  • Facilitated donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical supplies, furniture, equipment, educational books and materials,
  • Organized opportunities for numerous volunteers and visitors
  • Developed a robust communication, marketing and fundraising strategy and campaigns in support of HOPE worldwide Bolivia, Foundation Arco Iris and Hospital Arco Iris

Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout our first year

for the children,


Annual Report (English) August 2012 – HWW Bolivia


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