“From Crumbs… to the Bread of Life and HOPE”

By: Noelle Broyles

In June of this year, Foundation Arco Iris (FAI) hosted its annual “Feast of Crumbs” banquet at the Radisson Hotel. It was a beautifully decorated evening filled with hundreds of guests from the business community, as well as local celebrities and authorities.

The food menu consisted of bread and wine, gently reminding the participants that bread and crumbs are often the daily sustenance of the children and families who live and work in the streets of La Paz. Yet the inspirational menu consisted of the impactful testimonies of many beneficiaries of FAI’s programs, as well as the many talents of the children within FAI, such as dancing, painting, and singing.

The personal sharing from two women ex-beneficiaries powerfully demonstrated the success of FAI’s devotion and commitment to love and help this population. Despite the extreme challenges that these women faced (poverty, being orphaned, widowed, and disabled)…the life changing assistance they received from Arco Iris has enabled them both to successfully provide for their families, and has enabled one to achieve a professional degree. They both are grateful to be able to give back to FAI by helping others who are now walking in their previous footsteps.

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Indeed these testimonies serve as examples of the thousands of others who have received the same support and encouragement from FAI. They have been nourished, not by the “crumbs” that society has thrown to them…but by the “bread of life” they have received from FAI …the nourishment of love, hope, respect, encouragement, and supportive direction the Arco Iris family so generously provides for them.

May we all remember that if we simply “do for others and treat others as we would like to be treated”, it sums up everything God asks us to do…and it changes the world one by one. Do we throw out the crumbs of our time and love? Or do we offer bread that truly nourishes by giving love, hope and encouragement?

Thank you, FAI, for the example you set for us all.


5 thoughts on ““From Crumbs… to the Bread of Life and HOPE”

  1. Hi Noelle,

    I continue to follow your work in Bolivia and can’t thank you enough your updates, for your hearts of love and service – and for the upward call you and Kevin are to so many!

    with much love,
    Beth (Radcliff)

  2. Great article, Noelle, reminding is of the heart Of the One we love and strive to imitate. So grateful to the HOPE Bolivia team for all of your love, sacrifice and hard work. You inspire all of us!!!

  3. Thank you Noelle for your encouraging, powerful and convicting words.
    You are right! Jesus did not give us crumbs and was not the crumb of life but the bread of life. Thank you for always having been and continue to be the bread of love and encouragement in so many lives. Thank you to you and Kevin for your never ending labor of love.

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