History in the Making – Telemedicine In Bolivia

by: Kevin Broyles

The very first Bolivian International Telemedicine Conference co-hosted by Hospital Arco Iris was held in La Paz on April 23rd and 24th.

HOPE worldwide Bolivia was invited to participate in “history in the making” as we were asked to present and share regarding the partnerships forged and experiences that HOPE worldwide has had in Telemedicine. Dr. Kevin Broyles (and John Basilio translating) was able to speak to an international audience of over 200 people about the impact that HOPE worldwide – Cambodia (Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE) has made with telemedical communication as well as discuss the importance of strong successful partnerships.

The packed room was full of excitement as various speakers from Brazil, Switzerland, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru also spoke on their experiences.  There was a written commitment made and signed by all of the international speakers to form a network of partnerships that would give La Paz the opportunity to be included in advances in Telemedicine and  learning more about how to implement this incredible life-saving technology.

HOPE worldwide – Bolivia and Hospital Arco Iris are making history as we begin “moving medical information and expertise to the patient rather than moving patients.”  We know we are headed in the right direction!


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