HOPE worldwide Bolivia Announces Our First Medical Trainee From the US

by: John Basilio

Next week marks an exciting new beginning for HOPE worldwide Bolivia and Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) as one of our first of many medical trainees will be coming from the United States to learn in Bolivia.

Dr. Rebekah Savage is a third-year pediatric resident physician from the University of North Carolina. She has completed inpatient and outpatient rotations in acute and chronic pediatric medical conditions. She speaks “conversationally fluent” Spanish and has a good medical vocabulary.  She lived in Spain for 4 months where she became acclimated with the Spanish culture. Dr. Savage also has an extensive experience with serving the poor in the United States and has also worked with the local chapter of HOPE worldwide in her community. She is married and currently lives in North Carolina.  Dr. Savage will be spending 3 weeks at Hospital Arco Iris, rotating through the neonatal intesive care unit (NICU), the pediatric inpatient unit, the pediatric outpatient clinic and working with the medical providers who provide care of the hundreds of children who live with their parents in the prisons. Please join the HOPE team and Hospital Arco Iris in welcoming Dr. Savage to Bolivia.


3 thoughts on “HOPE worldwide Bolivia Announces Our First Medical Trainee From the US

  1. Dr. Rebekah Savage will be a blessing to all of you. I know that without a doubt. I have known her all of HER life. She is my daughter.

  2. Rebekah – I am a UNC undergrad and Med school graduate (2007), currently a Family Practitioner in Northern Va. I am hoping to start working in La Paz next summer. Would love to hear how your experience was in La Paz!

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