Pursuing Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Patient Care

by: John Basilio

Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) in partnership with HOPE worldwide – Bolivia (HWWB) is committed to establishing excellence in every area of the hospital; to provide outstanding, safe and efficient medical care for everyone. Improving workflow, teamwork, and efficiency is always at the heart of our goals so that medical care at HAI in La Paz, Bolivia will achieve new standards and new expectations. Dr. Gustavo Valenzuela, an orthopedic specialist and the Chief of Education and Research, and Dr. Fernando Saavedra, the Chief of Diagnostic Imaging, are medical leaders and are committed visionaries to bringing this type of excellence to the Diagnostic Imaging department. Several weeks ago they asked HWWB if we could help them in identifying areas of improvement in radiology services.

As part of the HOPE team, John Basilio’s training in various areas of radiology, enabled him to spend 3 days in HAI’s diagnostic department observing their work- flow, patient safety and environment of care. The time spent allowed him to evaluate and make several important recommendations for the present and the future. The diagnostic department of HAI currently offers x-ray, fluoroscopy, portable x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, and CT examination capabilities. Last year alone the diagnostic department within the hospital generated over 54,000 diagnostic studies.

HAI is also in the process of negotiating a partnership with Siemens to acquire what will be one of the only functioning and advanced MRI units in La Paz.  The HOPE team, while helping to improve what currently exists, is also grateful to be able to help set up, organize, train and standardize excellence with these new innovation. Currently, La Paz does not have much experience with this very important imaging modality and we at HOPE are pleased to be able to help in utilizing all the expertise of our team in order to meet the needs.


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