Leadership Development

by: John A. Basilio

“Leadership Development” – two words that have a significant and profound meaning, especially when you are a service organization with a goal to help others. The HOPE worldwide – Bolivia team understands that for great success in any organization, it has to start with an agreement among all the members.  In a healthcare organization this includes all the staff, employees, leaders, medical providers and the patients.

Last December, the idea of a “Compacto” (“compact” in English), was introduced to a group of leaders that attended a very special retreat lead by HOPE worldwide – Bolivia. Over the past month and after several insightful discussions it was decided that “Compromiso”, which literally means commitment, not to be confused with compromise, would be a better name to describe the agreement these leaders would make with each other, the administration, the staff of the hospital and most importantly with the patient.

The “compromiso” we are forming, is a written document, an alignment of agreed upon values that will support the fulfillment of the Mission and Vision of Hospital Arco Iris (HAI). A “compromiso” outlines in a very simple but straightforward way what each employee, physician and leader promises to “give” and “needs” to fulfill these values. Every organization has an “unwritten” compact or compromiso and unfortunately this “unwritten” code of behavior is often not one that will lead to success in achieving the organization’s goals. A compromiso formalizes universal elements of success including: patient-centeredness, teamwork, flexibility, and willingness to embrace innovation and change coupled with respectful and compassionate one-another relationships with colleagues, leaders, staff and patients.

Our team here in Bolivia brings fresh perspectives from the eyes and hearts of a physician, a nurse, and a diagnostic technologist’s healthcare experiences. It is a wonderful partnership that will help HAI achieve their ambitious and inspiring mission and vision of providing high quality and high compassionate care to the poor and the children of the streets.


2 thoughts on “Leadership Development

  1. I am always encouraged to read about the plans & progress this hospital & medical team is making. It is so good to see Gwen Ellis there also! The staff & patients are in my prayers,
    Kathryn Dillon

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