Collaborating, Connecting and Cooperating for Success

By: John A. Basilio

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

The US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, paid a very special and meaningful visit recently to Hospital Arco Iris. It was the highlight of the week as HOPE worldwide Bolivia, continues to work tirelessly to create newer and stronger connections for collaborations that will produce, strengthen, and enhance excellent care for the poor in Bolivia.  The US Embassy visit was lead by Ms. Kathleen Glaser FNP, FSHP, Medical Attaché and a new addition to the medical unit of the US Embassy in Bolivia. She was very encouraged about HOPE worldwide Bolivia’s work and alliance with HAI. We were able to give Ms. Glaser and her colleague, Ms. Maria Lopez, RN BSN, a tour of the hospital facility as we learned much about their incredible work as well as the Embassy’s initiatives in La Paz. We were also able to thank the medical unit of the American Embassy personally for their generous donation of Basic Life Support (BLS) training materials given to us in English and Spanish. We previously, acquired 20 mannequins (Adult and Infant) for HAI this past December from our colleagues in the United States. These useful donations will be integral this year, as we include BLS training as one of our core training curriculums for all hospital staff and medical providers (HAI will be one of the first Hospitals in all of Bolivia to have the entire staff, as well as medical providers trained in BLS).

It is truly exciting to have new friends to work with as we help the poor. The HOPE worldwide Bolivia team believes this is still just the beginning.  We also hope to see many more miracles come south of the equator for the purpose of healing many who suffer and need care.


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