Bienvenidos Basilios!

by Dr. Kevin Broyles

The HOPEworldwide Bolivia team wishes you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season.  Last week we bid hasta luego (see you soon) to our team members Lin and Jordyn Beaty as they returned back to the United States.  (In Bolivia we never say “goodbye”).  Lin and Jay with their international missionary experience and mastery of the Spanish language helped establish the HOPE team here in Bolivia.  As we reflected upon all that was accomplished during the first 4 months of our arrival, we were amazed and convinced that we would have never been able to accomplish so much if it had not been for the incredible help of Lin and Jay.  We will miss them.

Airport welcome!

Join us in our excitement as we welcome the Basilio family to live and work withus here in La Paz.  John Basilio has worked along side Kevin at Duke for several years.  John, whose family is from the Dominican Republic, has lived and served in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  John is a radiologic technologist with magnetic resonance imaging experience.  He not only has an understanding of the science of medicine but will also be able to offer consultative advice to HAI regarding issues surrounding radiology. Migdalia has a degree in psychology and extensive life-counseling experience.  John will work as the medical administrative assistant to the HOPEworldwide Bolivia country director.  Please join us as we welcome John and his wife, Migdalia and three children: Gabriela (8), Ariana (6) and Alexander (4) to Bolivia!


2 thoughts on “Bienvenidos Basilios!

  1. Kevin and Noelle:
    What encouraging posts you have. We are thinking and praying for you constantly and are so inspired by your life of faith. We will pray specifically for you all as Lin and her daughter go back to the States. You are doing a great work there and it isn’t going unnoticed. God is so faithful and you are helping some of His precious children. Amen!! We love you, John and Cynthia

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