Bringing HOPE, Bringing Cheer

As we walk through our crowded malls that are lavishly decorated for the holiday season, and as we see and sample every type of delicious food and goodies… it can be difficult to remember that there are so many families who are struggling to simply survive during this season. To these hunting families, all this extravagance is a contrasting reminder of their own desperate plight, their hopelessness and helplessness. For us, the excessive indulgence should remind and compel us to open our hearts to the poor.

This past week HOPEworldwide partnered with the La Paz Disciples of Christ church and the Tampa Bay Church of Christ in Florida to bring hope, compassion and cheer to thirty families. On Wednesday, December 14, they met together at Casa de Refugio (Fundación Arco Iris’ home for adolescent mothers and their children) and enjoyed a holiday party, full of laughter and joy. Every person received gifts and lots of love.On December 19, twenty families from the community were given baskets full of food, as well as gifts for each child. Most of these families, which included single mothers who walked long distances with several small children through the sprinkling cold rain in order to receive their gifts from the center. The joy and gratitude of the families was heartwarming and served as a reminder that at this special time of year, as always, it is “more blessed to give than to receive”.

On Christmas Eve, individuals from the HOPEworldwide and the La Paz church will be giving gifts and tons of love to approximately 150 children who live within the orphanages of Fundación Arco Iris.

-Lin Beaty


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