Strength in Unity

“When you dream alone, it remains a dream, but when you share the dream, it becomes the beginning of a new future”. (Father Jose Neuenhofer, quoting an Archbishop friend) Leaders are dreamers. They are the people who dare to think beyond the imaginable and then fight to make their dreams come true. True leaders are willing to stand alone. Sometimes, that is the challenge.

On Friday, December the 9th, the leaders of Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) came together for a retreat to address the theme, “Strength in Unity”.  Dr. Ramiro Narvaez, hospital administrator, gave the staff a sobering state of the union speech, elaborating on all of the outstanding accomplishments of the hospital while discussing candidly the future. Dr. Kevin Broyles did an outstanding job in exposing the challenges in our medical culture. He reviewed the results of months of interviews with the leaders in HAI in which they identified lack of teamwork as the primary constraint to growth and excellence. Dr. Broyles’ presentations were powerful, offering practical and compelling evidence of the unquestionable strength provided by unity. The medical team was able to review the values of our mission and vision and reaffirm their relevance as well as our commitment to them. The team building exercise, filled with life lessons, helped unite the staff while creating a fun, memorable experience. The participants unanimously committed to working on a compact that would facilitate the goal of teamwork. The staff left inspired and energized.

Many thanks are due to our colleagues  Dr. John Anderson, Lori Postal and Lesleigh Henry from Duke University for their support and assistance in making this retreat a success.

 -Lin Beaty

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